The New Acura Precision Cockpit Concept Aims to Make Driving Safer Than Ever

In today's tech heavy world, vehicles are getting more and more advanced year after year. While these advancements have made terrific strides in engineering and integrated technology within vehicles, it has also lead to the conversation of whether the new infotainment systems being put into vehicles are keeping drivers safer by limiting phone use, or causing more distractions than they're preventing. In response, Acura has developed the Precision Cockpit which was recently unveiled at the LA Auto Show. The Precision Cockpit aims to rethink two major features: a touchpad that is easier to control without looking at it and a visual graphic depiction of vehicles and obstacles that the vehicle is tracking through sensors and cameras.

The new Precision Cockpit aims to accomplish two things: make accessing your information and entertainment safer while driving and provide you with a combination of augmented reality and graphic animations of the environment around the vehicle, allowing you to see your surroundings while navigating the touchpad.

While the new Precision Cockpit was only unveiled this past month, Acura intends to pair with their Precision concept vehicle that was unveiled earlier this year and could start going into production as early as within a few years!

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